Sunday, December 14, 2008

(14 miles) Last weekend was the first 20 miler for this season. It started to snow at mile 11 and by mile 14 it was getting really slick. My wonderful support crew met me along the way and by the time mile 14 rolled by, I got word the roads were bad also. So wonderful Marcia drove me the 6 miles back to my car. As much as I really wanted to go home and get warm, I knew I still had 6 miles to go. So it was off to the gym. And reconfirmed how much I hate the treadmill!

Today was only 14 miles but it rained off and on the whole time so that wasn't much fun. But again, Marcia was my walking buddy and kept my mind from wandering. My pace has remained pretty steady during the past few weeks but I will need to pick it up on race day. My fingers are crossed that the weather cooperates and the temperatures stay down. After all this winter training, the heat will get to me for sure! Only 26 days!!!

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