Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Side Effects of Big Time

Before Megatron's last surgery in the fall, I was on Mission: Undo What the Baby Did.  That hasn't really stopped, it's just now called Big Time PR.  The goal being to reclaim my pre-baby body but also to reclaim a bit of the person I was before Megatron's health went into the crapper.  I'm running a lot now.  I've been running 13-20 miles a week since the new year.  The 2,015 in 2015 is a huge help keeping me motivated but also training for my Big Time half marathon PR is keeping me in gear.

The downside to focusing on running so much, I'm not mixing it up enough to confuse my body enough.  I don't seem to lose much weight unless I'm doing lots of different types of cardio.  The thinnest I've been since college?  During my triathlon training seasons.  I think the swim is what kicks my metabolism into gear the most.  Even though running is my focus right now, I am still seeing some side effects. 

I lost a good 7-8 pounds a couple months ago due to some very unpleasant food poisoning.  The few times that has happened before, the weight returns as soon as I'm able to eat again.  This time though?  I haven't gained any of it back.  While I would have much preferred to lose that weight it a less traumatic way, I'll take it.  But that was a couple months ago and the scale hasn't moved since. But something else moved.  My belt.  I recently started to cinch my belt one hole smaller.  I think while the scale isn't moving much, my weight is shifting.  I think my legs are getting much stronger from all the running and I'm finally starting to tone up in some areas.  There is still A LOT of work to be done but it is nice to finally see some physical changes after so much hard work.

Another side effects involves a pair of jeans.  Let me share a timeline of my favorite jeans.  I wore them through my first trimester before needing to switch to maternity jeans.  Then, I was able to get back into them when Megatron was about 3 months old.  Then Megatron's transplant happened and I lived in a hospital with crap food way too accessible or at Ronald McDonald House where I really only had access to a microwave and its hard to eat healthy with just a microwave.  The stress also had me making very poor food choices in general.  The jeans haven't fit since I gained the baby weight back during the transplant recovery process.  That is until last week!  I can get back into my favorite jeans!  Yes, losing another pound or two would make them feel even more lovely,  but they button and I don't look like two pigs fighting under a blanket (name that movie!).  I am so happy!  Jeans have been a challenge lately.  I've in between sizes.  The jeans I've been wearing are getting loose and baggy but the next size down is just a bit too tight still and causes a major muffin top.  So when I randomly tried on my old jeans and they pulled right on, I nearly had a party in my closet.  I even made Megatron give me a high five.

So here's to progress!!