Friday, September 24, 2010

My name is Amber and I have not worked out in DAYS! I have not done much of anything over the last 2 weeks. The life of an event planner means some strange hours from time to time so I've kinda fallen off the workout wagon. I got in a 9 miler while coaching last weekend and while the distance was no problem, the pace was tough. It looks pretty bad when the coach can't keep up but I pushed myself along anyways. I wanted to cry for the first 3 miles but faked my way through it. (Despite early morning coaching gigs, I am NOT a morning person! Sorry to let you down TNTers.) It's amazing how quickly you can lose fitness. I felt sluggish, tired and my feet felt like concrete blocks. Once I got warmed up it felt better but I couldn't help but think "oh crap, what have I gotten myself into" with this Goofy Challenge. That's probably not the last time I'll think that.

Luckily when I created my training schedule for Goofy, I knew that the whole month of September would be chaos and that training wouldn't be a top priority. I scheduled the whole month with "maintenance miles." I probably only got 1/2 of the miles in but in the big picture it shouldn't effect my training much. The first couple long trainings in October might be a little uncomfortable but that's how it goes. I'll be coaching the Nike Women's Marathon on October 17 but the rest of the month will be my chance to refocus on Goofy, get back into the training groove and hopefully knock off the few pounds that creeped back onto my gut over the past few weeks.

When we have new participants join Team in Training, they are sometimes intimidated thinking that the coaching staff is really experienced and hard core. While we may be experience (uhhh...I guess), I'm so far from hard core. I could have been running at 5 am on the mornings that I had to work or was out of town but that's just not my style. I hope that my mediocre performance and training methods are an inspiration to my fellow "couch potatoes to marathoners."

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