Tuesday, February 22, 2011

She's alive...and crazier than ever!

I swear I'm still alive! With all of the engagement excitement, wedding planning and craziness at work, I've fallen off the bloggy wagon but I'm back. The Goofy Challenge race reports are ALMOST ready. I'm not sure why but the race reports seem to require a lot of my brain power and they take me forever to write...and I'm still working on my blog photo skills so I have to have The Pilot help/teach me how to create the slide shows. That would be a lot easier if he didn't have the WORST SCHEDULE EVER this month. So with all that...they race reports will be here soon.

I haven't been sitting around stuffing my face full of ice cream....well maybe I've done a little of that...but I signed up for another triathlon! And it's 2 weeks before the wedding! Ummmmm....maybe not the wisest decision but it my head it makes perfect sense. I am a lot more relaxed when I have a good workout routine. I hate to workout most days. I will however workout when I know I have a race to train for. They say wedding planning can be a little stressful so I'm thinking the more I workout, the less stressful that whole process will be....riiiight??

To make it even more interesting, I decided to fundraise for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Team in Training again. This will be my fifth event with TNT and I'm so excited. We are also encouraging our wedding guests to donate instead of giving us a gift because in this house, we just don't need fancy china and candlesticks. We did put cat litter and workout gear on our registries in case someone wants to wrap an actual gift for us. I can't wait to unwrap cat litter at my bridal shower...I don't care if it's "tacky." But anyhooooo...back to the important stuff. Raising money to find a cure for blood cancers! I've got a web site set up so feel free to pass it along to all your friends and their friends and post it on your blog and tell your bloggy friends to post it on their blogs. The more the merrier. The more money raised means we will get to a cure even faster. Plus, pass it along that for anyone that donates $100 or more, I will wear a ribbon on the back of my shirt (during the bike and the run) with the name of someone you would like to honor or remember.