Sunday, October 7, 2012

The reason

So the blog has taken a hiatus if you haven't noticed.  I've noticed that a lot actually with the other blogs I follow.  Summer is a busy time, plus my blog is never going to be taking priority over my "real life."  I've been busy living life lately....and busy hauling dirt and mulch.  Besides coaching with TNT (our races are this month!!), we've been doing "a little" landscaping at the new house....

Front Yard Before:

 Front Yard Before:

Side Yard Before:

Other Side Yard Before:

Front Yard After:

Front Yard After:

Side Yard After:
Other Side Yard After:

We weren't planning to do all of this at once...or even this year.  But they delivered a lot more dirt than we ordered so we just kept creating flower beds.  Then those beds needed plants...and then mulch.  I'm glad that project is finished.  That was some seriously hard work.  

Two of the major work days occurred after I completed 13+ miles in the morning and then came home to play in the dirt....this is one reason I didn't participate in any of the local Mud Runs.  Why pay to play in the dirt somewhere else when I've already paid to have dirt delivered to my house and I can play at home.   I'm telling myself that all this work/working out gives me the right to overindulge in Halloween candy.  Don't judge.

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  1. Those look like some nice home improvements! I love the bright yellow fall-looking flowers next to your front door.

    I also think it's perfectly fair treating yourself to something tasty after working out. Why not? (: