Monday, December 2, 2013

Slow down!

Time just doesn't seem to ever slow down these days (well, except when it is the middle of the night and Megatron is taking his sweet time drinking/sleeping through his bottle).  I now understand why parents frequently say they wish they could stop time so their kids would stay small forever.  While I feel that way most days, I'm also thankful that Megatron is getting bigger and stronger each day.  It also means he's a lot more fun to hang out with these days since he smiles and coos at us now.  :)

It's been another rough month on the personal front but Megatron's health is stable and that is a huge thing to be thankful for right now.  I missed posting this yesterday, National Biliary Atresia Awareness Day, so here it is a day late.  The goal was to make at least one person aware of biliary atresia and the importance of organ donation.

The only cure for biliary atresia, the liver disease Megatron has, is a liver transplant.  A new liver will save his life someday.  It is as simple as that.  And as his mama, I would do anything to "fix" my little man.  The only thing I can do though is encourage every one I know to become a registered organ donor.  You can find out how to register in your state by visiting Donate Life America's web site.

OK, stepping off my soap box now.  :)  On the training front, with just over a month until my next 1/2 marathon, training is still a bit sporadic.  I got in 7 miles on Thanksgiving day though.  That was the longest I've gone since the 1/2 marathon in January when I was still in my first trimester with Megatron.  And after such a lack of training, those 7 miles were felt for a couple days!  I'll get get through that race somehow!

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