Saturday, August 16, 2014

Mission: Undo What the Baby Did: Update 1

My first week of keeping track of my workouts was a success!  My goal was to complete at least 4 hours of fitness activities in a week.  I hit 4.5 hours!  I also completed the first week of the 30 day abs and arms challenges that I started.  I'm halfway through week two and I'm just now starting to feel sore.  My abs hurt when I sneeze.  My armpits hurt.  Good times.

I did a 3 mile walk with the stroller last week with a new friend, Cathy, but then got in not one but TWO stroller-free workouts over the weekend!

First up was a virtual race with a group called Moms Run This Town.  It's a national, free running group for mamas and there is a local chapter here in town that is really active.  You could just show up and pick your distance.  I had plans to do 6 miles the next day so I opted for the 5k. The women were so welcoming!  They were all paces and probably the least intimidating group of women ever.  For three miles I got to know a couple of the ladies and we had a blast chatting, getting temporarily lost, taking selfies and getting our sweat on.  I hope to continue to get more active with the group so hopefully I can get to know some other mamas with small children.  This whole stay at home mom gig can be pretty isolating.

The next morning I met up with my other training buds.  I haven't made it to a group workout in several weeks because they meet at 7:30 am over the summer months.  And if The Pilot isn't home to do the baby wrangling, I can't go.  Megatron gets his morning medications at 6:45 and we don't have much wiggle room.  But The Pilot was home last weekend so I was out the door early both days!  My friend Katy (she's the rock star from my It Takes a Village post!) had already agreed to go 6 miles with me and push me.  And push she did!  She let me take walk breaks but then would tell me when to run again.  Which is just what I needed because I would have forgotten and just kept walking the rest of the way.  In the end, we tackled 6 miles (well, she did 9 because after 6 miles with me, she wanted to go have some more fun) in 1 hour 29 minutes.  That is the fastest average pace I've had since before things got so bad with Megatron at the beginning of the the year.  It felt great to push myself and be able to see what I'm capable of right now without pushing 40 pounds of baby and stroller!

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