Friday, October 17, 2014

Mission: Undo What the Baby Did: Update 7

For the week of September 29, I got in 3 hours of exercise.  An hour short of my goal but my week was a little screwy.  We were supposed to head to Pittsburgh mid-week for Megatron's abdominal closure surgery but the surgery ended up getting rescheduled.  It threw me for a loop so I tried to cram in some exercise in the last half of the week.

By far the best workout was on Saturday.  I RAN 8 miles.  Not a run/walk but a RUN.  We stopped for a minute or two for water half way and walked through another water break closer to the end.  I was with my L2R gang and they really pulled me along.  They pulled me along so well that my pace ended up being at half marathon PR pace for me!  It was one last hurrah before we did head to Pittsburgh for Megatron's surgery.  It felt so good to hang out with friends for a good, challenging workout before heading into the stress of another hospital stay. What didn't feel good?  Sitting in a car the day after that 8 miler for 4+ hours as we headed for Pittsburgh.  Ouch.
And the week of October 6?  Nada. Unless you count standing next to a hospital crib or walking between the hospital and Ronald McDonald House.  Megatron had his abdominal muscles sewn back together on October 7.  The surgery went great but recovery was rough.  It was painful for him and very difficult for my husband and I to watch.  For about 3-4 days, it was hard.  Really hard.  As in, worse than the transplant hard.  But, each day got a little better and now we are back home to recover in the comfort of our own home instead of the hospital and then Ronald McDonald House.  And now that we are home, I can get back on the workout wagon!

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