Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Off the Grid

So it's just about time to head out for our trip to Orlando, which means it's almost time for the Goofy Challenge! I'm pretty anxious about it but ready. I have packed, re-packed, checked and double checked my race suitcase. Yes, there is a whole suitcase dedicated to race. All 39.3 miles of gear will be carried onto the airplane. There is no way I'm going to risk getting to Orlando and not having my gear.

DC isn't part of my race gear but I think he wants to join in on the Disney fun.
He is named after a Disney movie after all!

The Pilot and I have been working off of separate to-do lists. My travel checklists are actually spreadsheets while The Pilot works off little scraps of paper that seem to be scattered all over the house. We are a match made in organized heaven.

We only bought one plane ticket (for me) and The Pilot is hoping to ride in the jump seat on my same flight. Hopefully that all works out and we don't get separated. He'd be waiting in C-bus for another flight while I'd be in Orlando, being very tempted to get the rental car and head to Disney! I'm ready for my magical vacation to begin!

And as excited as I am to be on vacation, I'm actually looking forward to going "off the grid." I won't be checking any e-mail, Facebook or blogs until next week. As much as I am addicted to all of those things, it will be nice to decompress for a few days and completely submerge myself into the fantasy that is Disney.

It may take me a few days once we get back but I promise to post a full race report as soon as possible!