Sunday, January 2, 2011

Tapped Out

I just don't have anything left for training. I am mentally exhausted. My body has held up just fine but I don't have anything left in me for training.

It hasn't been above freezing in 3 weeks...until Friday. It got to 63 here in The C-bus but I woke up in a funk. While I was all jazzed in my last post and I've had a great year, I have never liked New Years Eve. So between that and a bad mood, I did NOT want to go train. I only had 7 miles and the weather was beautiful but I just didn't have it in me. I whined a little on my Facebook status and two Disney marathon buddies came to my rescue. There were planning to meet within the I put on my running shoes and dragged myself to meet them.

I ran a mile with them (in new shoes-drama that I don't want to talk about) and then dropped off to walk. My heart wasn't into it though. Even the sun and warm weather didn't help. I crossed back by my car....and got in and left after only 3 miles. I felt guilty about it for the whole drive home.

This morning was a coaching day but the ridiculously cold weather was back so there weren't too many people. After sharing my nerves with some of my wonderful training friends (and listening to them tell me I needed to chill the heck out), we headed out for a chilly 3 miles. I promise I had every intention of going back out....but I didn't. After the teams left and Lisa, Mary and I made arrangements for our own little pasta party the night before the full marathon, I got in the car and drove home. This time I did NOT feel guilty. After hearing 2 Boston marathoners and several other TNT alumni tell me that one more workout really wasn't going to make a difference, I went with their logic and enjoyed the rest of the day running pre-vacation errands and seeing a movie with The Pilot.

It will be a short work week for me but it's going to drag. I am ready to just start and finish these races! My wonderful friend, Krista, reminded me to try to enjoy the experience. It's so easy to get so wrapped up in the race and your performance that you forget to enjoy what an incredible experience it is to participate in a large race like Disney. I have worked so hard for 6 months for this race specifically but really, I think the last 6 years have led up to this race. It was 6 years ago that people didn't think I could even get through the first couple weeks of training for my first half marathon...and here I am about to do a half and a full marathon, back to back. I'm nervous and anxious but I'm very excited and looking forward to having a MAGICAL good time at Disney World!