Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Wedding Video

Our amazing wedding videographer, Dan Hoffman, dropped of this wonderful package not too long ago...

He dropped it off on a Saturday morning while The Pilot was away at his annual simulator training. The Pilot wasn't scheduled to come home until Sunday but at my begging request, he was going to try to jump seat home as soon as he was done with training. Luckily he was able to make a Saturday flight so I wouldn't have to sit and stare at the box of goodies while I waited for him to come home.

The box that Dan dropped off had several DVD copies of the wedding video plus an external hard drive with all of the raw footage that he shot throughout the wedding day. And because our videographer is extra awesome, he added some popcorn and chocolate! :)

The Pilot was exhausted when he got home shortly after 2:00 pm. He reported to the simulator at 3:30 am that morning. I tried not to make him sit down to watch it the second he walked in the door but because he's wonderful and loves me to the moon and back, we sat down and watched the video. I'm sure he would have preferred to take a nap in that exact moment but he humored me.

For 5 minutes, I was completely taken back to that amazing day. I forgot about all of the stress over the last few weeks and enjoyed every minute of sitting there, holding The Pilot's hand as we got to re-live our wedding day. I cried. I was grinning like an idiot. We may or may not have watched the video multiple times in a row....

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  1. Just saw your video- AWESOME! You looked beautiful Amber! What an amazing wedding! :)