Saturday, September 8, 2012 life in cell phone photos

There is no reprieve in my crazy schedule for the next couple weeks.  I have an event starting soon at work, followed by the 1/2 marathon (and my PR attempt!) followed by some bridesmaid duties (one of my BFFs is getting hitched!) and then maybe, just maybe I can take a deep breath.

Here's just a glimpse at what I've been up to lately...

Finally cleaned up the basement and unpacked some of the last lingering boxes.  I obviously had two feline helpers.  Because they are soooo helpful.

Went to Salt Lake City for a work event...
 Those Mormon's sure grow some crazy beautiful impatiens! 

Saw this while finishing up an 8 mile walk.  :)
 Also saw this at the end of an 8 mile walk.  It looks fake but it was real.  We were both startled.

 Ate a boat full of veggie sushi.

Rewarded a 9 mile walk with a banana and some chocolate milk.

Woke up to this note from The Pilot one morning...someone?  I'm assuming it was a rotten cat.

Drew some inspiration from a co-workers to make dinner for The Pilot one night....taco salads with soy crumbles.

Had an annual lunch and a back-to-school shopping extravaganza with my beautiful niece.  Holy third grade!  Where did time go??  *tear*

Co-hosted a bridal shower with my girlfriends for one of my BFFs....she's a fan of Steel Magnolias...
Made a quick trip to Cleveland for work...with a stop at the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame.  Pearl Jam if the greatest band EVER.  Don't try to argue.

Walked into an office at my work's headquarters only to be seriously disturbed.  I try not to ask questions..

I've spent my week surrounded by patriotic event supplies and I've felt like my office walls are closing in on me.

I took some "I Do" letters leftover from my wedding and painted them in my BFF's wedding color...I swear it's a dark plum and not brown.

The Pilot followed me on his bike while I did a 10-mile walk.
  I walked past a pile of rotting apples that had fallen from a tree and the smell always reminds me of my childhood....we had apple trees in our yard and would have to pick them up before my dad would cut the grass.  Not necessarily a fond memory... :)

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  1. Still get excited when you mention PJ. :-) I am flying to Atlanta next week to catch them at a festival, will be my 10th time seeing them and it's never enough!