Thursday, August 30, 2012

Still Alive and Walking

As usual, August and September are my busiest months which means blogging takings a back seat to real life.  But I promise I'm still in action.  I'll hopefully have some workout posts coming soon (just over 2 weeks until my PR attempt!).

Despite the crazy schedules we have been keeping, The Pilot and I are still trying to live up the newlywed/new homeowner life.  We finally had a chance (and decent weather) to take a walk through the new neighborhood together.  It was a casual stroll (no Garmin!) but we probably walked somewhere between 2 and 3 miles.  We also took a detour through the neighborhood playground...

I finally got my swing on!  While I felt slightly silly for being the only grown ups playing in the park, it was fun.  I also decided that despite my love of swings, I think they may now make me slightly motion sick.  Boo!
And being The Pilot he is, he couldn't resist attempting to get into the only airplane available.  This did not go well.  But the silliness was worth it. 


  1. Love that you guys got on the swings!

  2. That shadow picture of you on the swings is awesome! Swings usually make me feel a little queasy too, but they're so much fun it's hard not to go for a swing. Where are the photos of your husband in the little blue plane?! (: