Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hey, that's my dog!

Blogging really does make the world seem smaller.  Has anyone ever had a pen pal?  I had a couple when I was younger and blogging is the high tech (not really) version of that.  I follow quite a few blogs that focus on my different interests.  When I'm feeling lazy, there is always another blogger out there that is kicking some serious butt in their marathon training to help motivate me.  If I'm feeling lonely or like no one fully understands the aviation lifestyle we live, there is always a fellow pilot wife blogger who is going through something similar.  Just knowing you aren't the only one is a relief.  There is some comfort in that.  Blogging is also a great way to keep in touch with friends/family who want to know what you are up to.  I know far-away friends/family read my blog.  And I do the same for my far-away friends.

Blogging helps you connect with people with similar interests.  It can also connect you with canines who have similar interests.  Remember that little chihuahua who was using the Galloway method at the 5k I did last week?  His owner found my blog!  The puppy's name is Slider and his owner is Mike from over at Ohventures.  The Defend Your Friend race was Slider's second 5k and he toughed it out and finished despite the crazy heat.  His owner finished as well.  :)  Congrats on a great race to both Slider and Mike!

What is your favorite part of the bloggy world? 
I love that it makes this giant world seem a little smaller and I love the support I often receive from my fellow bloggers.

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  1. I always thought that no one read my blog, until I had t posted for a while and someone on my squad asked me when I was going to update!

    I love the fact that reading others blogs helps you realized you're not alone, and people reading your blog can do the same.

    There are so many inspiring people in the world, and reading blogs helps me get motivated!