Friday, December 21, 2012

A Pilot Family Christmas

I came across this article the other day and it struck a cord with me.  It's a total crap shoot if The Pilot will be home on holidays.  I almost just assume he WON'T be around on holidays and then if he is going to be around, its a bonus.  Somehow we hit the jackpot this year and he was home on Thanksgiving AND will be here for Christmas. 

But for those times when he isn't home, we just celebrate a little early or a little late.  I would say that of all the holidays, Christmas is the only one that I have a hard time with if he's not home.  Especially since I'm off work and being home alone on Christmas stinks.  I think the last time that happened though I hung out with my parents.  And that's probably what I will do in the future when The Pilot is off flying other families to and from their holiday gatherings.  While I'm sure The Pilot would rather be home on holidays, the extra money is kind of nice.  It's also nice to see that The Pilot does still have a passion for flying, despite the cons of the job like working on the holidays.

I'm curious though, how do other pilot families or families who have a member who works on the holiday handle the absence?  Do you celebrate early or late?  What did you do when little ones came into the picture?  Does your pilot mid working holidays?

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  1. We usually celebrate a holiday early before we would celebrate it late. My pilot minds working the holidays, as do I...but, it is what it is. It is part of this game, plain and simple. Might as well deal with it, not fight it. Although, one point not really focused on is the fact that pilot are gone for 4 days...can't really celebrate after his shift, since that may be December 27th!