Thursday, May 15, 2014

Date night

So it's probably pretty obvious that there has been a disproportionate amount of stress to fun over the last 4 months.  Even one of Megatron's doctors has told us a couple times that having a medically complex child can be a marriage wrecker.  I can see that.  Determined not to let it happen to me and The Pilot, we've done our best to keep our sense of humor through all this.  We've tried to check in with each other often.  When I was in Pittsburgh though and he went back to work, it was hard.  I take that back, there are no words to describe how hard it was.  Even though we talked nearly every day during the 3 weeks apart, it's hard to stay connected when you are far apart and under a mountain of stress.

So to say we needed a date night is also an understatement.  We had the perfect opportunity last month..but the plans started back in December before we knew about the transplant.  Knowing we were about to go to one income, we weren't going to give gifts to each other for Christmas.  Then we heard one of our favorite bands, Arcade Fire, was going to be in town in April.  We took a risk and bought tickets as our gift to each other.  It was a risk because everything with Megatron was so uncertain. That concert was the very last thing on our minds starting December 31 when Megatron had his first hospitalization that started this madness.

After the transplant, I assumed we wouldn't be able to go to the show.  But after he was discharged to Ronald McDonald House, one of his nurses mentioned we would be home for Easter.  Forget Easter! That meant we'd be home for the concert!

We made it home and on the night of the show,  my mom came over, to hang with Megatron and The Pilot and I had a real date.  We even went to dinner.  Our army of supporters had given us a gift certificate to one of our favorite Japanese steakhouses.  It's a little pricey so we probably wouldn't have gone if not for Megatron's fan club.  It was soooo good!  And sooo nice to be out of the house and not rushing because there is a wiggly baby at the table with us.  We talked without interruption!  We held hands!  We pretended things were the way they were before Megatron.

After dinner we dropped off our leftovers at the house (trust me, you do not want your car smelling like Japanese steakhouse leftovers), kissed our sweet baby good night and headed for the show.

It was our lucky night!  We bought the cheapest seats possible, which was basically up in the rafters of the arena.  When we were making our way up, we were stopped by ushers at a table.  The show didn't sell out so they traded our tickets for tickets lower in the arena.  A lot lower.  We went from the 300 section to the 100 section and around the bowl until we were almost even with the stage.  Our view was amazing!

And so for a couple hours, we pretended we were younger than we are, that we didn't just survive the hardest 4 months of our lives and just rocked out. ❤️


  1. You deserved that night so much! Glad it turned out amazing!