Friday, May 9, 2014

4+5= tired and happy

The Pilot was home for several days so I was able to get out for a 4-miler on Monday...without my little sidekick.  Megatron does great in the run stroller but not having to push all the extra weight is nice.  I also got the chance to be reunited with the local rail trail.  It's close by but it's also flat, hardly ever crowded and there is nothing out there.  Miles of nothing.  And sometimes my brain needs that.

On Wednesday, I suited up and then waited.  Megatron and I played and worked on his physical therapy exercises until I started to see the signs.  The eye rubbing and yawning.  I grabbed that kiddo, plopped him in his car seat and were out the door with the run stroller.  Sure enough, about a tenth of a mile into the workout, he was out and I got to work.  I have a good 4 mile loop I can do from the house but I was aiming for five miles.  I ended up taking random streets in the neighborhood until I finally hit five.  It was the furthest I've gone since December and the furthest I've ever gone pushing the stroller.  I'm pretty stiff for sure but I'm so so glad I was able to get out again.  Plus, since I timed it with nap time, Megatron slept the entire time.  He woke up just as I was rolling him back into the garage.

I did a run/walk combo and boy do I have work to do.  My average pace was way over where I was last year.  I expected that but I also had the realization of just how much work I have to do.  I don't think it will quite be starting over like when I did my first half marathon 10 years ago but it won't be easy.  Hopefully my little buddy will continue to nap his way through my workouts! 

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