Tuesday, February 17, 2015

SAHM Stereotype?

I'm a stay at home mom now, so aren't I supposed to troll around on Pinterest all day?  Horrible stereotype right there!  To be honest, most of my pinning took place while I was pregnant and had no energy.  So I pinned crap and then never did any of it because I was so tired from being pregnant, then had Megatron premature and then there was that whole liver failure ordeal.  But now that things aren't so life and death, I've been acting on my pins.

It started innocently enough with a couple recipes.  Some were winners, some were complete failures. Then I moved on to toddler activities.

Paper towel tubes taped to a door so Megatron can drop pom poms down the chute.  Of course then I got paranoid that I'd have to explain to his GI doctor that "yes, I know you saved his life and then I let him swallow a cotton pom pom" so we don't play with this very often and really its only good for about 5 minutes of entertaining at a time.

Then I busted out the power tools.  Megatron is the proud owner of a busy board.  This took me a couple weeks.  It started with a piece of plywood that I used my 7th grade shop class teachings to spray paint...our garage floor has a yellow tint to it now. 

Then it was a trip to Habitat for Humanity's ReStore to buy some various hardware.  Megatron loves thermostats.  I have no idea why but he can find one anywhere we go and will point and grunt until you pick him up and show him.  So yes, his busy board has a thermostat.  He also loves a good light switch! There is also a hinge, a springy door stop, a wheel and some slide locks.  And to make it slightly more educational, house numbers to practice counting to four.

Mom, this light switch doesn't DO anything.
But this door stopper makes a funny sound!

So serious.
My very own thermostat!
Playing...or working on his squats?
The busy board was a hit and worth the time, effort and money.  He randomly plays with it still and I think he may continue to do so.  He hasn't quite figured out the slide locks so I hope we still get some play out of it before we pass it along to someone else to enjoy.

My next project is in the works and involves repurposing some decorations from our wedding as well as some kitchen cabinet doors from before we remodeled our kitchen. 

So that's the extent of my Pinterest projects.  It's only taken a year of "unemployment." Hehe.

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