Friday, February 26, 2016

Two Years S/P

Two years!  It was two years ago today that Megatron got his new big boy liver.  I really don't think I can put it much better than I did when I wrote last year's "liver day" post. Here we are though.  This year was even better than last.  Our challenges this year have been 95% normal toddler stuff!  Dealing with tantrums and new found independence, trying to understand his evolving English skills.  We are almost on autopilot when it comes to his transplant related things.  Sure, keeping track of meds and insurance and lab work is a lot of work but it's become second nature now.  It's just part of our routine.  It gets old some days but honestly, it's a lot like doing laundry or washing dishes.  You don't want to do it but you have to do it, so you just do.

Megatron's liver is still plugging along like it should!  A liver that's in it's 30s but is thriving in a 2 year old's body.  What a wild concept.  Never for a moment do we take for granted what an amazing gift The Cousin gave to our family.  I have my days like any parent does.  Days I'm exhausted and my patience is all out but even on those days, I don't lose sight of the fact that without the gift Megatron received, he wouldn't be here.  I wouldn't have the privilege of being Megatron's mom anymore.  And boy is it a fun job sometimes!  There are just enough fun and sweet moments with him that make all the hard times worth it. The Pilot and I are having a blast right now with Megatron.  He's interacting with us more than ever and his speech improves daily. He's such a funny little kid and we know we are so lucky to be his parents.  We are lucky that he's tough as nails and somehow held on despite a failing liver.  We are lucky and thankful that we had a very medically uneventful year!

As I hope we continue to do each year on Megatron's liver day, we have been making the rounds to try to do two things: Thank the people who have helped us on this journey, and take the opportunity to share our story with the public and stress the importance of being a registered organ donor. We couldn't have survived this without help or without organ donation! We've been mailing thank you cards and celebrating with those closest to us.  I recently spoke at a Ronald McDonald House fundraiser.  And Megatron?  He's being treated to Daniel Tiger LIVE!  If anyone has toddlers, you will know that this might be the highlight of his life so far.  Never mind that new liver, just show him is favorite Mr. Roger's Neighborhood friends. Like any normal, healthy toddler!

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