Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I was in Connecticut all last week for a meeting and I really didn't want to drag my running shoes with me but I did and I actually hit the hotel treadmill twice while I was gone. And I have some exciting news to share! I ran 3.1 miles which is now the furthest I have ever run without stopping. I was a little disappointed though that I couldn't celebrate that milestone with my teammates. I didn't get home from the airport until about 12:30 am on Saturday but I still dragged myself to the last spinning class (we are now officially outside every weekend until the race...rain (or snow) or shine! The class was really difficult again with some sprints and some "hills." I do surprisingly well on the sprints (my heart rate doesn't get too high and it recovers quickly once the sprint is over) but those hills just suck! Luckily I kept my breakfast down. I coached on Sunday and it was POURING outside! And those that know me well know how much I hate rain. I toughed it out for 4 miles before heading inside. We had some hardcore team members that did 10 and 20 miles though! I am always amazed at how dedicated our teams are! The Country Music Marathon (We have are sending a team but I'm not traveling for this event) is just 3.5 weeks away and the Cap City 1/2 Marathon (Right here in the C-bus and I'll be coaching) is 4.5 weeks away! Spring marathon season is here....now if only spring would get here!

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