Sunday, May 16, 2010

I've hit a whole new level of exhausted! I think I'm still recovering from my whirlwind week last week and the training just keeps getting more intense. I missed a swim practice so getting back on schedule this week was rough. It's amazing how much you lose when you don't swim more than once a week. It was tough but I got through 1800 yards in just under an hour. Due to my weekend schedule I knew I wasn't going to be able to meet my teammates for the brick workout on Saturday so I did it on my own on Friday. I rode my bike 30 miles (with a strong headwind for a good part of it!), stumbled around for a few minutes and then headed out for 4 miles on foot. This did not go very well. After 30 miles on the bike, my legs were dead. I forced myself to run a mile before taking a walk break. I had very painful shin splints out of nowhere so I had to run and walk to make it home. Saturday wasn't much better but I did hit another milestone! I ran 6 miles without stopping (no walk breaks!). The shins were on fire for the first 3 miles but I stuck with it and it slowly started to feel better. This morning I coached but we just started the fall season (training for the Columbus Marathon and the Nike Women's Marathon) so the miles were really low. It was a great morning for a 2 mile walk. I wish that was all I had to do for the day though! At 3 pm the triathlon team met for a track workout. It's a miracle that I didn't pass out or puke. We had to do sprints which is supposed to help build speed during the longer runs. I don't think it's working and besides, I just want to finish, I'm not worried about how slow I am! Right now my only race day goals (other than finishing) are to not be "that girl" that needs to hang onto a support kayak during the swim and I really want to run the whole 6.2 miles. As I ache all over from the weekend activities, I can't help but doubt myself but I still have 6 weeks to work it out! I'm getting so close to my personal fundraising goal and it means the world to me that I have so many amazing friends and family that support me no matter what I decide to take on!!

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