Monday, June 7, 2010

I'm still chugging along with the training! It's been a busy spring so fitting training in is still a challenge but I'm hanging in there! I had a great brick workout over the Memorial Day weekend. The team met for a 30 minute swim followed by a 30 mile bike ride. We trained in a different pool that had more "traffic" causing the water to be a little choppy and we swam in circles really close to each other. We have gotten used to the calm early morning water of our usual training pool which won't help us on race morning! The coach also got in the water with us and was tapping our toes and swimming right on our hands to help get us used to focusing when there are other distractions/disturbances in the water. The 30 mile ride that followed was probably my best yet. I felt pretty comfortable even though we were on the roads and it was extremely hot. Usually I tighten my shoulders when we are on the road (the cars still make mer nervous) which makes my neck/shoulders/back hurt but the whole 30 miles felt great. The biggest problem I ran into was getting hungry. I'll have to work on my nutrition plan for the first transition from swim to bike. I'm still pretty slow at all 3 sports but slow and steady will get me to the finish line. Again, the goal is to not finish last but I guess I'd be ok with that as long as I still finished!

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