Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Not another 4-miler!

I officially decided last night that I hate the 4-mile distance. It doesn't seem to matter if I'm running or walking. I just suck at covering 4 miles. I must be built for loooooong and slooooow. I think I'd rather do a 1/2 marathon than a 5k or 4-miler.

I shuffled my way through 4-miles on Saturday morning. I even had to get the pants out because it was pretty chilly. I probably could have worn my running gloves but I just can't bear the thought of wearing them so early in the fall. The Pilot (aka: The Boyfriend) rode his bike next to me so that helped distract me a little but there was no avoiding the terrible shin splints and the sound of my feet slapping the ground for 3.5 miles. It seems that it takes AT LEAST 3.5 miles for me to warm up and start to feel like my coach certification won't be revoked. I mean, really, they let me coach marathoners yet I want to cry for the first 3-4 miles??

While the sun is still shining when I get home from work right now, I'm so slow that it's pretty dark by the time I would finish so I had to head to the gym after work last night. I'll be covering all of my long distances outside (weekend mornings) but most of the rest of my weekday workouts will have to be at the gym. The only bonus about this is that it will keep me acclimated to training in higher temperatures in preparation for Orlando in January (that is unless there is sleet/rain/wind again like there was this year. If that happens, I may just quit before the race even starts.). Four miles on the treadmill is even more obnoxious than doing it outside. I did a 3 minute warm up walk before I started to run but it wasn't enough because my shins started to hurt instantly. I couldn't hear my feet slapping the treadmill over the sounds of the meat heads grunting while they lifted weights nearby or over the random sounds from my iPod (Usher immediately followed by Van Morrison keeps me on my toes).

Did I mention that my training schedule calls for a 4 mile run and/or walk 2 days a week from now until January? I certainly hope I get better at that distance or I may throw myself off the treadmill in a crying fit.

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