Sunday, October 31, 2010

Training, training and more training

I promise I've been training. I've just been training so much that I haven't had time to write about it....or something like that. But really, I did have a good training week that started with last Saturday. I ran 7 looong miles by myself but did it in an even 1:30, which I was happy with.

The next day I followed it with a 10 miler. Luckily I wasn't completely on my own for this one. I met up with Lisa and Mary, the same wonderful ladies that came back out for me at the Spirit of Columbus 1/2 Marathon. Lisa is training for Disney and was scheduled for 14 miles. I met them at Antrim Lake and wanted to catch up with what they had been up to so I decided to start running with them. Despite running all 7 miles the day before and the fact that they run at least a minute and a 1/2 faster per mile that I normally run, I was able to keep up with them for almost 3 miles before dropping off to walk the remaining 7 miles. I did 10 miles in 2:19 and was again really pleased with the time. The 7 miles walking were done at race pace and two days later, I was reminded of the two-day soreness rule. The real pain of a workout doesn't usually appear until the 2nd day. Two days later I realized that I probably pushed it too hard because at this point, 10 miles shouldn't be making me too sore.

I also took a Core 'n' More class this week with my friend Holly. She's doing the Philadelphia Marathon in a couple weeks so she's almost starting to taper but she's done the Goofy Challenge and has already been my sounding board for all of my training questions (example: should I train in two pairs of shoes and then race in two pairs as well?? Still working on that answer....). The class seemed a little easy and there were only a couple of exercises that I had to modify (I've NEVER been able to do a normal push up!). Despite the class going pretty well, that two day rule came into play abs and legs were SORE two days after the class!

Instead of buying Halloween candy which I would end up eating since I hardly ever have any trick-or-treaters, The Pilot and I turned the porch light off and went for a 3 mile walk on Thursday. It was COLD and very windy but it was nice to get out and spend some time together.

This weekend was only half successful. I started with getting in an easy 6 mile walk with another wonderful marathon friend, Marcia, on Saturday. I then went to Cleveland for the night with friends (Happy 30th Birthday, Lezlie!) and got home later than expected today....and didn't get my 12 miler in. :( I'll hit the gym tomorrow after work to hopefully get in at least an hour on the treadmill. That can be tricky since there is a 1/2 hour limit if there are people waiting. Hopefully there aren't too many people hogging the treadmills by setting them at 1 mph while they read People magazine. If your heart rate isn't up and you aren't sweating, then it doesn't count as a workout!

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