Friday, November 4, 2011

Be Nice to Me: Part II

Remember when I told you to be nice to me back in July? Well you should be nice to me again! I donated blood yesterday. I was trying to get on a more regular schedule (you can donate every 54 days) but 54 days after my last donation ended up being right near a big work event and right in between a 1/4 marathon and a 1/2 marathon....not the ideal time to be giving up my goods. And then I just had all kinds of other excuses but I finally made it last night. Now I'm trying to replenish fluids and iron so I don't drag through my 6 mile run tomorrow morning.

I pledged to donate 3 pints this year but unfortunately I'm not eligible to donate again until the very end of the year...just a couple of days before my race that I hope to PR. I'm not so sure that's a good idea. Crap....oh well, its better than nothin' I guess....or feel free to comment below and tell me what a slacker I am.

Wow, Pilot, that is really close. I have no idea why my nose is all scrunched up.

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