Monday, November 7, 2011

Tread hell

Up on the training calendar for today was a 4 mile run. It sucked. There is no way around it, it just sucked. Now that it gets dark when I'm leaving the office, I am chained to the treadmill during the week. I wasn't off to a good start when I got to the gym and realized my ipod was dead. Bleh. Trying to read the closed captioning on the TVs in the gym makes me a little dizzy so I tried to occupy my brain with people watching. Normally I love people watching but not when I'm sweating like a banshee and I want to cry.

I started with a 1/4 mile walk warm up. Then a painful 1 mile run. Damn these shins. I took a 1/4 mile walk (wayyyyyy too slow I'll point out) break because my shins were still on fire. I started to run again and I wanted to quit every single step. Bleh. But I made it another mile before taking another 1/4 mile walk break....then a mile run. The burning from the fronts of my legs started to subside but at this point, I was starting to get hungry. I went from the office, changed clothes at home, had my nightly chat with The Pilot and then went to the gym. I had a fruit strip (the REAL fruit roll up!) before heading to the gym but at mile 3, that was obviously not enough. Bleh.

I wanted another walk break but that's when I noticed my time. If I took another walk break, it would have officially taken me longer to do my run/walk combo than if I would have race walked the entire thing. And I couldn't let that happen. Not when I have a PR to chase down. Instead of walking, I sped up the treadmill. Maybe not the smartest, but I was annoyed and wanted to be done. I slowed back down for the last tenth of a mile to cool off a bit. 4 miles in 56 minutes. Bleh. But, I didn't quit at 2.5 miles like I really wanted. And I didn't chew my own arm off at mile 3 like I really wanted. I finished all 4 miles that were on the schedule and I did it (slightly) faster than a race walk pace.

I am now home and have had dinner and while I still think it was a craptastic workout, I'm glad I didn't give up, because then I would just feel worse.


  1. You are soooo funny! You did it and that's all that matters. Not finishing is the worst punishment!

    Steph Noltemeyer

  2. Treadmills! yuk! Have you looked into Jeff Galloway's Run/walk method? I've been using it for over a year and it really helps. I've run my first marathon and half marathon using it. Check out my blog for more info.

  3. If you didn't have those bad runs, you'll never appreciate the good ones. Great job getting it done!