Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Do these shoes make me look fast?

I've been wearing New Balance 860s for several years now.  It's all about the function with these shoes.  They aren't the snazziest looking kicks I've had but they get the job done.  They keep my foot stable and gives me a cushy landing which comes in handy when one spends nearly 7 hours finishing a marathon.
A little grubby but defintiely ho hum.  Blue and navy with a little bit of "flash" known as silver.  And there's also my own added bling.  Remember I like shiny things?

Here is what they have looked like for several years.  They aren't flashy but that came in handy on my wedding day when I decided I NEEDED to be comfortable and I wore them throughout the reception.  They weren't so flashy that they were obvious.  In fact, unless you were getting down with your bad self on the dance floor next to me (can I get a cha-cha-slide?!  Anyone?), you probably wouldn't have noticed I was wearing running shoes under my gown.

After trying to stretch another 1/2 marathon out my most recent pair and after having all kinds of aches and pains throughout that last race, I decided it was time for a new pair.  Expecting to pick up another pair of ho-hum but functional shoes, I was plesantly surprised when they brought these beauties out to me!
Holy 1980s neon back in fashion!  Purple and neon green?  Yes, please!

Do you think they will make me look faster?  It's basically the same shoe so I know they won't actually make me faster but they sure look fancy, don't they?!

I haven't actually run or walked in them yet but hopefully I can get my butt back in gear and out on the trail at some point in the near future.

What are your favorite running shoes?  Do you get bummed out when the "correct" shoe for your foot type isn't the prettiest shoe?  :)

Also, a special thank you to The Pilot who doesn't bat an eyelash when I ask him to take pictures of my shoes.  


  1. Brooks Ariel are my go to shoes now. The new models are like a aqua blue? Nice, the other one's were dull and drab. I used to get bum about the colors of the shoe until I did try a pair on and I just felt like they weren't my feet attached to the bottom of my legs they looked so weird.

  2. Shoes maketh the athlete. So much research and technology goes into these suckers that they do literally make you fun faster.

    I have feet that roll out, so shoe choice is slightly more limited. Just made the leap from Asics to Mizunos - amazing. And yes, colours and appearance def make a difference in my shoe choice - interestingly colours that to are too 'girly' really puts me off