Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Cadillac

Eighteen hours before giving birth to Megatron, The Pilot and I were at Babies R Us haggling over the price on the Cadillac of running strollers, the BOB Revolution SE.  It felt very much like buying a car.  They weren't going to honor the online price of a stroller they had in the store.  And trust me, when you are trying to buy a stroller with a suggested retail price of $450, you will haggle to get the best deal.  Ultimately we won, got a great deal and took that bad boy home.  Unfortunately by the time we got it home, I was really starting to feel bad.  I was waiting out the hour my doctor gave me before going to the hospital while The Pilot opened the stroller.  A cat immediately had to check it out...

That cat loves a new box!  The Pilot got the stroller out of the box but that's when I talked to my doctor and we dropped everything to go to the hospital.  The stroller was sitting in the family room.  Later that night my dad went to our house to pick up a few things once we realized we would be staying at the hospital.  When he returned he asked us what "that huge thing" in the living room was.  Oh that's just the mother of all strollers!

We've only used it once so far when we took Megatron to a festival at the church I grew up attending.  We had to do some off-roading so we took the BOB since it has shock absorbers.  I'm not kidding when I say this stroller is nicer than my car.

I am hopeful I can use it soon to take an actual walk.  I haven't been given the OK from my doctor to start working out yet but I go in next week for my official 6-week post-partem appointment.  To be honest though, this week is the first time I've actually started to feel better.  Both Megatron and I are still being monitored for our various ailments so between doctor appointments and his "I MUST eat all the food RIGHT NOW" feeding schedule of every 2 hours and me still recovering from delivery and HELLP syndrome, it's been hard to get out and about much. 

When we are both given the ok, you betcha we'll be putting some miles on that stroller!


  1. Congratulations!


  2. We love our BOB! I'm sure you will love it too. I hope your recovery continues to go well and you can get out there soon