Friday, August 16, 2013

A Milestone

To celebrate surviving one month of parenthood...and you know, to celebrate Megatron's one month birthday, we ventured out for a walk.  We took the Caddy with us, strapped that baby in and took off...very slowly.

We met up with the group I had been training with early in my pregnancy for one of their group trainings.  To say Megatron was a big hit was an understatement.  Only one person from the group had actually met him and I hadn't seen any of them in quite awhile.  It was so nice to see everyone and be welcomed back.

 I missed this gang so much!

Megatron seemed to enjoy the ride...he slept through the mile and a quarter stroll down the trail only waking up at the very end to let us know he was hungry.  As for the stroller, it worked out great.  It was a little cool and breezy so we pulled both his car seat canopy and the canopy on the stroller to create a little shelter for him.  The window on the BOB's canopy allowed me to watch him for the entire walk which was great.  The stroller rolled like a dream on the blacktop but also did well when we took a short detour through some grass.


Only trouble with the stroller was that I tried to fold it up myself and couldn't figure it out.  The Pilot stepped in to collapse it though.  I told him that I need to practice folding and unfolding it in the garage before I go anywhere alone.  I'd hate to be somewhere and not be able to fold it up.  It barely fits in The Pilot's trunk when folded.  We haven't even tried it in my car yet.

The walk, while slow and short, was much needed.  Megatron has had to have some medical tests done recently to make sure he's staying on track (more on that in another post) and it's been stressful.  My way of dealing with stress has been to workout and since I haven't been able to workout for so long, it was great to get outside to get some fresh air and have a distraction.

It felt important to me to go through all of the motions even though it was going to be a short and slow walk.  I could have just as easily left some casual clothes on but I "suited up;" putting on running shorts, a technical shirt and my running shoes.  I even put my Garmin on.  (1.27 miles if you are interested!)  I wanted to feel like my old self and try out getting ready while also getting Megatron ready to go out the door.  Which is not easy.  Making sure he's fed, changed and safely strapped into his car seat (which is still awkward because he's so small) takes quite a bit of time!  But we managed and we made it to the group training on time.  One point for the new parents!

Hopefully we can slowly start adding more short walks each week.  Even though it was only just over a mile last night, it wore me out.  Mostly in my core, which seems to be non-existent since giving birth.  I get really tired after standing or walking around for too long.  I'm not sure if that is simply because of delivery and being not so active for the last month or if it's still some recovery from HELLP or maybe a combination.  I'm looking forward to getting stronger and I'm not too frustrated by it yet.  Of course I had hoped to be a little more active by this point but after Megatron's unexpected arrival, I'm learning to not have any expectations right now and to just go with it!  I was just glad we made the effort to get out, no matter how short and slow!


  1. Glad to see that you're slowly getting back into the swing of things. One of my friends has the BOB stroller too. That thing really is like a Cadillac of strollers!

  2. you're doing awesome! I had a pretty rough delivery with my little guy and wasn't able to do much without pain the first 8-12 weeks... and the feeding/sleep schedule is intense. Try to give yourself credit for just'll be back at it in no time.