Tuesday, July 26, 2011

4 Days

We are off to get our marriage license this morning (I realize this is somewhat last minute according to theknot.com but we didn't want to have to take more time off work to go get it!). That means its getting pretty real now that the state of Ohio knows about it.

Towards the beginning of our wedding planning adventure, we agonized over our registry. We were torn because we really didn't want people to get us gifts (especially household items since we had just combined two households and had duplicates of everything). We also didn't want to end up with some random items that we didn't want so off to Target (and Macy's and Amazon.com) we went. We were instructed that putting useful items like toilet paper....

....on the registry was tacky. So we took the toilet paper off but we did leave cat litter, cat food, board games and first aid kits. We don't need any fancy silverware (because I can't seem to act classy even when I'm dressed up, see below) or kitchen gadgets that I'll never use because I'm going to be a terrible wife and never cook real food for my husband (unless cereal for dinner counts). :P Kidding...maybe!!

We have already received lots of great basics so we can upgrade our existing items (goodbye college era bath towels!) and some unique gifts (A lemon tree! THANK YOU, JESSIE!). My friends have already teased me with hints about other gifts...I'm THAT girl that shakes Christmas presents...even though I'm 30.

This has been such an exciting time....but THE best part is that in 4 days, everyone that means the most to us will be in the same place at the same time. I cannot image a greater gift!


  1. How exciting!!! I hope you have a truly wonderful day!

  2. YAY! I love that it's so close! And we did a few practical things on our registry, too - swiffer cloths, etc.