Monday, July 25, 2011

Holy Humidity

So it's been a big sweatfest here in the Midwest. I live under a rock so it may be this way all over the country, I have no idea. All I know is that I hate heat and I hate humidity even worse.

But enough with that negativity. I met the Team on Saturday morning for a 4 mile swim walk. We had to cancel our Thursday night training because of the heat advisory warning (it felt like 110!!) but we meet at 8 am on the weekends so we hit the trail.

We started right at 8 am instead of casually getting started like we usually do. It was too dang hot to be outside any longer than we had to. I wasn't planning on going vary far (I wasn't coaching). I just wanted to get out there and shake out my stress (5 days until the wedding!).

To combine our "mission moment" with the ridonkulous heat, some of our volunteers brought popsicles for after we were all done with our miles. Some of them had the names of our team heroes listed so we don't ever forget the reason we are out there logging the miles. Sure, the heat makes it pretty miserable out there, but that's nothing compared to what cancer patients go through! This was such a great idea!

Go Seth! We are still thinking about you!

I headed out 2 miles and got to catch up with a wonderful friend, Marcia. She is the walk trainer and was leading the practice so she kept heading out to catch up with some of the participants while I turned around to knock out 4 miles. Despite the unrelenting heat, I actually had a decent walk. I even got under 14:00 minutes/mile for the first time since probably my Goofy Challenge training. Unfortunately though, I seem to have aggravated a pain in my a$$ that seems to visit from time to time. I have internet self-diagnosed it as sciatica. My reward was the cold popsicle I devoured when I finished. Popsicles (and ice cream) are a cure-all for all minor ailments if you ask me.

Purple Popsicle! GO TEAM!

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