Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Soaked...but for a reason

It was about 85 degrees on Thursday at 6 pm when TNT started our group training. I think it was also 85% humidity. There was also an air quality alert. And it was uphill, in the snow, and I didn't have any shoes. OK, so I'm getting a little dramatic on that last bit but there was a hill and it was a hot, miserable night! Perfect to meet up with TNT to get in a run!

I don't coach on Thursday nights since I can't always make it out to training so our amazing trainers, Lisa and Marcia take the lead. To mix things up a little, they changed the route up a little to include a hill (we have to work to find those sometimes here in Central Ohio). While we did introductions (we have just started a new season) and did a mission moment (someone shares a story about how cancer has impacted their life), Lisa took off running through the bushes...but before she did, she gave us each a sticker and told us to write our name and who we are training for and then when we saw her again, we would know what to do with our stickers.

With only about a week until my triathlon, I opted to run instead of walk so I headed out with Parker's mama, Ann. At about a mile and a half, we spotted Lisa standing next to an orange cone. She was also taking pictures. As we all ran and walked by the cone, we placed our sticker on the cone. It was a tough night because of the heat and humidity so the distraction was much needed.

Meet Lisa...she's special in so many ways.... :)
I was running that night for Parker and a fellow teammate, Susan....both SURVIVORS!
We passed by the cone again on our way back and it was a great reminder of why we are out there. We aren't just out there running/walking in the heat just for kicks. We are out there to raise awareness and raise money for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. We are out there to make a difference! We are out there to get soaked in sweat and push ourselves to do things we didn't know we were capable of. And we are doing it for the people that can't do it themselves.

Coming back down the hill...giving my signature "2 thumbs up" pose...
even though I wasn't really feeling it.
And this is a close up of my face trying to smile but about to explode from the heat instead.
I have to send a public shout out to Ann for sticking with me for just over 4 miles. I don't think I would have run nearly as far as I did without you! I'm still a Gym Class Dropout and running is crazy hard still but sometimes I just need a friendly voice next to me to keep me moving. Thank you, Ann!!


  1. That is so cool that you guys have a weekday group run. I just have a track workout that isn't mandatory.

  2. GO TEAM!! I loved the sticker idea!

  3. even though I'm still recovering from IMCDA I'm feeling uber guilty about skipping my TNT track workout tonigh now....