Monday, April 2, 2012

Spin for a Cure

The Pilot and I participated in one of my teammates' fundraisers yesterday, Spin for a Cure. It was a 90 minute spin class led by Tim, our local TNT chapter's cycle coach. You know the guy, he's the one who likes to torture me. It was all for a great cause though. And was a great way to kick my butt into gear. It was also The Pilot's first spinning class. He held up well once he got the hang of how to increase and decrease the resistance on the bike. He survived and still loves me.....can't you tell??
It was definitely a team affair with lots of alumni and current participants joining in on the fun.
There's Lisa and Marcia having fun in the back. are starting to look a little blurry. Is that normal? Maybe it's all the sweat in my eyes. Thanks for leading a great class for a great cause!

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  1. Look at you, don't enjoy it too much. That's how they get you to cross over to the dark side! It's a gateway drug........ LOL