Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What Not To Wear: Episode 1

Over the years I have found there are certainly articles of clothing I cannot wear while training. Sometimes I know right away, while trying something on in a store. Other things will work for short workouts but not when I'm in for a long haul. For the most part I know what works and what doesn't but every once in awhile I will run into something that worked for awhile and simply stopped working or after a certain amount of miles will start driving me bonkers or will cause bodily harm.

That's what happened on Saturday. I was coaching my Team in Training walkers (May is race month!). It was pretty chilly when we got started (upper 30s-lower 40s I think) so I had on a long sleeved technical shirt and a light weight jacket. Both things I have worn before. I know I've worn the shirt for long distances but I'm not sure about the jacket. I honestly didn't think much of it when getting dressed. We had 10 miles scheduled and while it's been awhile since I've walked that far, I just didn't really think about it. The Goofy Challenge and really the full marathon distance has warped my definition of "far." Ten miles is far! So is 20 but I need to remember not to underestimate that 10 miles is still far! And I need to think through the clothing I'm wearing for the distance I plan to travel.

Anyways, I didn't notice any issues throughout the 10 miles other than allergy season has slapped me across the face and I spent 10 miles sniffling and coughing. When I got home, I took a shower and noticed that the back of my neck was burning when the water hit it. Weird. I thought maybe I just scratched my neck when messing with my pony tail (it happens). After getting dressed, I noticed the collar of my shirt felt like it was really rubbing the back of my neck. I got a mirror and looked at the back of my neck. There was a red mark, about 2 inches wide across the back of my neck. I couldn't really tell if it was a scratch or what so I just went about my business, thinking briefly that it may have been raw from the jacket I wore during the 10 miler.

My family was together for Easter so I asked my mom to take a look because The Pilot was working (she's a nurse so it's not at all weird that I'm in my 30s and asking my mom to check out my rash). She confirmed that it was in deed rubbed raw. The jacket. Ten miles in the jacket.

So I have found that I can't wear that jacket for long distances. Since I didn't notice it rubbing at all, I may not be able to wear it for short distances either. I don't usually wear it to train in because I have another light weight jacket that is also water proof that I tend to wear more often. So I think this jacket may be worn for casual purposes and Team functions only. Boo!

The jacket taking a tour of the San Diego bay before the San Diego Rock'n'Roll Marathon with Team in Training in 2011.


  1. A new place to put body glide....the back of your neck!!! : )

  2. I need to keep a list of what workout clothes work for what. I have some things that work for runs under 5 miles, but start chaffing over that. I have some pants that work for slow stuff and weight lifting but start to fall off if I do sprints.

  3. Yikes! Living in the desert, I can't imagine wearing a jacket for a run!

    And I miss San Diego! We lived there for 8 years. Hope to be back there soon.

  4. Never ran in my coach's jacket. I only wear it for show.........