Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What Not To Wear: Episode 3

Why not make it a series? I had yet another wardrobe malfunction. This came about during a very innocent 3-mile reintroduction to running. (I've done mostly swimming, spinning and race walking over the last several weeks.) On Friday evening after work I headed out for a quick 3 miler.

I will say that allergies are kicking my a$$ lately and I've been a coughing, sniffling, inhaler-sucking mess. Attractive, yes? So I had that working against me so I was already uncomfortable before my wardrobe issues began.

I almost always wear a FuelBelt. I don't care how short the distance, I like to have water with me. Also, especially during allergy season, I need to carry a rescue inhaler with me, just in case. I've been wearing this same FuelBelt for years and it really feels like an extension of my body. I hardly even notice its there...until it does something weird. Like ride up.

Every time I started to run, that darn thing would start to inch up from my hips to my waist to finally acting as a shelf for the girls. I couldn't figure out what was going on. Usually I mess with it for the first couple of yards of a workout to make sure I get it in the right place (I wear mine low on my hips) but even after stopping and readjusting, I couldn't get that thing to stay.

Here's my theory. I was wearing RaceReady capris. I've only worn them a handful of times because I got them at the end of "capri season." The few times I've worn them, I was most definitely not wearing my 2012 Disney 1/2 Marathon race shirt. Both the capris and the shirt are made out of technical fabric but are of the "slippery" variety. I think the combination of the shirt and the capris was slippery and made my FuelBelt not want to stay in place.

I wore the FuelBelt the very next day for 12 miles and didn't have any issues so I'm going to say that the conclusion of this episode of What Not to Wear is that I cannot wear that shirt with those capris. Now I know....and so do you.

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