Monday, June 4, 2012

The "A" Race

I have a triathlon coming up in less than a week.  Yikes.  I was chatting with my coach the other day and decided that no matter what happens, it's an automatic PR.  While I've done a sprint tri before, for some reason, the bike portion of my upcoming race is longer than my previous sprint.  Score!  It's most likely not going to be pretty.  I'm undertrained and I know it.  There was just way too much going on in my career and personal life to really focus on this race.  I'm ok with that.

But that doesn't mean I haven't already set another goal.  I registered for my "A" race the other day, the New Albany Walking Classic 1/2 Marathon.  I'm aiming for a new race walk PR at the 1/2 marathon distance.  My previous best at walking only (not counting my running 1/2 marathons) is 3:14.  I intend to beat that.  I haven't set an exact time goal yet but obviously anything under 3:14 would be spectacular.  I have about 3 months to train and my distance training has remained relatively high so now I just need to work on pace.  It's time to get these short little legs turning over faster!

I've mentioned before that I count my running and walking races separately in terms of PRs.  In my opinion, they are different sports and should be treated differently.  Plus, it's my life and I make up my own rules.  Anyways, Marcia, my partner in crime when it comes to race walking signed up as well and will help pace me towards my PR goal.  She mentioned something about finishing sub 3 but at my current fitness level, I'm not sure if that is in the cards for me just yet.  This is also a walking only event.  Any running means you are disqualified.  Also keep in mind that my running PR at the 1/2 marathon distance is only 2:49.  And Marcia wants to walk it in under 3.  She's crazy town.  ;)  We'll see how the summer progresses though.

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  1. good luck on your Tri!