Friday, June 1, 2012

Adventures in Moving: Part 2

One of the many reasons I was stressing out about this move was the fact that the closing on the condo was delayed.  Twice.  And we couldn't close on the new house until we were rid of the condo.  I was fully aware that closing could be delayed but I had very high hopes.  If the condo closed on the originally scheduled date, The Pilot would be there.  But, that wasn't to happen.  It was rescheduled and The Pilot would be literally overhead during the closings.

Sigh.  Luckily we had a plan B in place and I had power of attorney just in case this was to go down while The Pilot was working.  Want to know what that meant?  On every.single.document I had to sign my own name and then because The Pilot couldn't be there, I had to sign..... The Pilot by Gym Class Dropout, his attorney in fact.  In reality (with real names), it was 58 characters to sign every single time.  It took me nearly an hour to sign all of the documents for the new house.  I didn't know that being a pilot's wife would also mean I'd be subjected to a crazy hand cramp.

Oh well.  Luckily though, it was go-home day for The Pilot and he landed at about the same time I walked out of the closing with the keys to the new house.  After the first delay, we thought the closing would be on a Wednesday and I'd have to spend the first two nights in the new house by myself.  I won't lie.  I spazzed out.  I cried.  I was ok with going to the closings by myself because I bought my condo on my own before The Pilot came into the picture.  Sleeping in a big house by myself for the first time though?  Not my idea of fun.  I planned to stay at my parents' house until he got home from the trip.  But then we were delayed again and that problem was solved for us.  I had to go to the closings on my own but The Pilot landed just as I was walking out of the closing office.  After the closing, I waited for The Pilot at my parents' house so we could go over to the new house and walk in together for the first time.  While it was a brief moment, it was one I was very thankful to share with him.  I am very thankful that we were able to buy a home we love and after 2+ years together, we can finally build a home that is ours.

The Pilot was then home for only two days after the closing and it was a flurry of activity at the new house.  Including multiple trips to Lowes and Target.  Our bank account has been smoking.  Once The Pilot was back in the air, there were more projects for me and my family (while as awesome as they are, they have all vowed to never help me move again) to work on.  One project included cleaning out the very grimy kitchen cabinets.

This led to the discovery of....

Several plastic shopping bags folded into triangles.  These were all stuck under and behind one of the kitchen drawers.  Weird.  My theory is that the bottom drawer in the kitchen was used to stash extra plastic bags.  Also known as the "poop bags."  Any pet owner knows what I'm talking about.  We knew that the previous owners had two dogs so my guess is that they used plastic bags to pick up after the dogs and by folding them into triangles, they were easy to put in a pocket while taking the dogs for a walk.  How on earth they folded those bags into triangles is beyond me.  Former Boy Scout or Armed Forces??
Just one of those strange things you find when moving into a "previously owned" home.  After several years of living in the condo, we randomly came across an Elvis clock.  One of those hip-swiveling things but his legs were missing.  It was tucked on top of an air duct in the basement.  And the best part?  Next to the Elvis clock was a little black book with one phone number scribbled into it.  It was a small black notebook that actually said "Little Black Book" on the cover.  Good times.  I can't remember but I'm pretty sure we just put it back on the air duct for the next person.  :)

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  1. The only "previous owner" discovery we had moving in was that they painted every room an AWFUL color. The bank had painted every room white, but as we moved stuff in we accidentally scuffed paint and discovered a DARK blue bathroom, and wildly orange bedroom, a lavender dining room. Good times.