Monday, June 11, 2012

Date Night

The Pilot and I went on a much needed date on Friday night.  Ever since we bought the new house it has been non-stop work.  I wanted nothing more than a night OUT of the house and not talking about the house.  So it was off for sushi and a movie.

Get in my belly, fried sweet potato roll!

We got to the restaurant really early and there was NO ONE in there so dinner was quick.  We were going to be way too early for the movie so we did make a stop at Pier 1 Imports for one home-related purchase.  So we didn't successfully complete the "no talking about the house" part of the date but Pier 1 was right next to the restaurant and I've wanted to pick up another matching nightstand now that we have more space.  Anyways....

It was still a little too early to head to the theater and one of my favorite running stores just happens to be on the way so we made another stop so I could pick up more Shot Blocks.  I was tempted to go ahead and pick up another pair of running shoes since mine are quickly heading towards the end of their life but with the amount of cash flying out of the bank account the past 2 weeks, I opted against the new shoes.  And because I'm one of those suckers who falls for the "look at this basket of goodies next to the cash register, you must buy this!" tactic, I tossed a new BodyGlide stick on the counter.   It was a legitimate need, especially since it was a race weekend. 

We finally made our way over to the theater but realizing that my BodyGlide and Shot Blocks would melt if I left them in the car, I shoved them into my purse.  When The Pilot and I sat down in the theater, I reached into my purse to turn off my phone (so I wouldn't be "that girl" during the movie) and I came out with the Body Glide.  Because nothing says date night like a anti-chaffing a movie theater. I sense a "You Might Be Married to an Endurance Athlete" post coming soon?



    Pictured in the sushi picture: Two fried sweet potato rolls, One Yasai roll(avocado + asparagus + cucumber), and One Shiitake/Asparagus roll

    all of the above = deliciousness

    No fishies were harmed in the making of this excellent dinner :-)

  2. I didn't know such an item husband needs that anti-chafe stuff! He has been known to use lanoline in places that need it. I figured that if it is good for cracked nipples from breastfeeding, it *must* be good for a little road burn :)

    Love sushi...looks delish. Date nights are always so fun.

  3. I've never heard of a fried sweet potato roll before... that's actually something that my husband and I would eat. (: yum yum. We could use a good date night sometime soon! What movie did you see?