Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Lost Disney Marathon Post

So The Pilot reminded me of a post I intended to January.  Ooops.  While spectating at the Disney Marathon this year (for my amazing support crew who did the Goofy Challenge), The Pilot and I noticed another moment of Disney magic. 

The full marathon goes through Disney's Hollywood Studios in the later miles (somewhere in the 23-24 range).  Routing that many extra people through a theme park, especially once it is open to guests requires some creativity so guests can still get around the park (can you imagine showing up for a vacation only to find masses of marathoners running and walking around??).  The Pilot and I were spectating and waiting for our friends Lisa and Mary to come through.  I wondered how we were going to get across the course to where we wanted to be when we saw there was a cross walk.  I assumed a Disney cast member would wave us through when there was an opening between runners.  But leave it to Disney to get a little more elaborate than that...

Watch the video and see if you can figure out what's happening...

Genius!  They would let the park guests congregate, the cast would wait for an opening and then briefly re-route the course and let the park guests go on with their magical day.  Not only did the park guests not have to dart out in front of the athletes (which is SO annoying when you are in the race!) but the athletes probably didn't really notice what was happening.  I was fascinated by this and made The Pilot record some of it.  Notice me in the yellow shirt ringing my cow bell....clearly amused.  And this is just one of the many reasons why I love Disney World and the Disney races!  They do their best to put a lot of thought into everything they do.