Monday, June 24, 2013

He Keeps Glaring At Me

WTF?  Did I swaddle him wrong?  Is his diaper in a bunch?

The Pilot and I took a "Baby Basics" class over the weekend.  I like to think that after years of babysitting and spending lots of time with my neice and nephew that I've got the gist of baby basics but The Pilot doesn't have much baby experience so it was off to a 3- hour class on a Saturday afternoon (jealous?).

There is nothing more surreal than sitting in a room with 7 other pregnant ladies and their partners, a Rubbermaid bin full of anatomically correct baby dolls and a nurse.  Moving on....

Naturally I was poking The Pilot as the class was getting started to take a picture of the baby doll.  It was freaking me out.  Especially when The Pilot would randomly grab its foot during the class, which would make it stand up slightly and I swear it was looking right into my soul with that creepy baby doll glare. 

We learned how to diaper, bathe, burp, swaddle and clothe said creepy baby.  It was a great refresher for me but I was quick to inform The Pilot that ALL of those activities are exponentially more difficult when the baby is actually moving.  I'm sure we'll be fine though.  Best way to learn is by doing, right?  There was even a "competition" to see which couple could swaddle the fastest.  That just added to the surreal experience as when we were done swaddling, you had to wave the baby in the air to let the nurse know you were done.

Hopefully we have a laid back baby who doesn't start glaring at us if we do get his swaddle wrong....or if we wave him in the air once he's been swaddled.

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  1. Wave your baby in the air like you don't care! LOL...that's kind of crazy. And he is creepy...just a little.