Thursday, May 12, 2011

If my friends jumped off a bridge, I would too

So I let a complete stranger convince me that I should do a Mud Run. Rose did a blog post about her Mud Run adventures and she had fun so that means I'll have fun too, riiiight?

What is a Mud Run you ask? Here is the description on the registration page:
Course is a 6.2 mile, Military Style Obstacle Course with over 30+ obstacles for runners 12 years and older. Runners under the age of 18 must have waiver signed by an adult and must be accompanied by an adult during the entire race.

6.2 miles isn't scary to me (obviously) but I lack some serious upper body strength and with obstacles with names like Hole to Hades, Gorilla Ropes, Mine Field, The Wall, Web of Lies and Stairway to Heaven, I might end up crying at some point. I also might lose my contacts and end up going to work the following Monday with mud caked in my ears. Awesome.

Rose put together tips and tricks for a Mud Run, which I fully intend to use! But this post is really what sold me....look how much FUN! I've got one friend on board to do it with me so far and I'm trying to convince my triathlon team that they should do it too! If you are going to be in C-bus on May 28 and are interested in getting dirty, let me know! :)


  1. You are going to have SO MUCH FUN!!!!!

    If you have anyone in your tri club who just wants to watch, having them follow you on their bike and take pictures would be awesome. My friend who did the Texas run with me took pictures via bike the year earlier.

  2. Sounds like fun ;) good luck!

  3. Hey girl... thank you SO much for your comment on my blog today. Comments like that are why I LOVE blogging and the community!

  4. i would totally do a mud run if i had awesome people to do it with... haha, unfortunately no one wants to that i know.