Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It's not a competition....

It's been a busy seven days. I had a work event on Friday and Saturday that went really well professionally and for the step challenge. I got in 13,000+ steps just on Friday! No other workout is included. What it does include is at least a dozen trips across a hotel lobby/atrium/ballroom. There were several other staff on site and we kept checking our pedometers to see who was ahead. I must have been pacing because I seemed to keep a pretty strong lead.

Yesterday had a high step count also. I had 5200 regular steps plus The Pilot and I enjoyed the AMAZING/rare weather with a trip to Highbanks Metro Park for a hike. It wasn't strenuous by any means but our work challenge does give a step equivalent for hiking so that racked up 10,520 steps. We also planted a bunch of flowers in our bed out front of our condo so that equaled 7,860 steps bringing Monday's total to 23,380! (You can read more about the flower planting over at The Pilot's blog.)

I have to admit that even though it was a wonderful afternoon with The Pilot, the highlight of the day was at 11:00 am...

My mom went with me to pick up my wedding gown! It finally arrived (We bought it back in January!) and it was time to try it on and take it home. So naturally I had to spend a few minutes spinning around in front of the wall of mirrors checking out the dress from every angle. My step count should actually be higher since I didn't have anywhere to clip my pedometer on my wedding dress! I fell in love with the dress all over again and it's driving me nuts to keep it a secret from The Pilot. I am horrible at keeping secrets (unless I am specifically asked to not say anything, it eats me up inside to keep secrets!) and I don't have any secrets that I've kept from him. Luckily we are only about a little more than 2 months away from the wedding and I can debut the dress for everyone!

You'll notice that I skipped over any mention of my steps from Sunday. I did a track workout with my triathlon team so I definitely got a lot of steps in for the day. I did this post as my reaction from that workout. I'll probably do another post about the specifics of that workout since The Pilot was kind enough to take lots of unflattering action shots. I'm just waiting to do that post until I no longer groan every time I stand up or try to shift positions. I'm afraid if I blog about the details of that workout, it won't be very positive since I am still crazy sore. :)

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