Tuesday, May 3, 2011


My head is all over the place this week. It's an event week for me so my head is swimming with little tiny details. On Saturday afternoon by 1:00 pm, I can do a complete brain dump and start fresh. Because of all the things floating around in my head, I couldn't sleep last night. My brain was alternating between "did I follow up one last time with all of the speakers for this event?" and random wedding logistics like "how will we all get to the church but not end up with too many cars at the end of the night?"

The Pilot is away and because of my weird schedule this week and his always weird schedule, I didn't get to talk to him today. That always bums me out, even though it doesn't happen often. I keep thinking that I'm getting used to this airline lifestyle but then there are times when I just miss him like crazy and want him to be home.

I did get a great distraction for everything this afternoon though. I got an email from the bridal shop that said my gown is ready to be picked up! I haven't seen the dress in person since January when I picked it out! I wanted to jump up from my desk and drive straight there...but I'll have to wait until Monday. Boo! It works out though because I have the day off and my mom was available to go with me so she'll be with me when I try it on again. I can't wait!!

So in honor of my head full of random thoughts, I'll share some completely random photos.

The Pilot loves me and I can see his love for me in the twinkle in his eyes when he looks at me(do I hear a collective "eeeew" from my followers?). So I felt pretty uneasy when I saw that twinkle in his eyes when he wasn't looking at me. We were at the grocery. And he was looking at a display of Oberon and cheese. I think his favorite things in the world (Besides me of course) are Oberon and cheese. I'm jealous of the cheese.

Here is our dinner from Sunday night. The Pilot made Triple Corn Squares with Bean Sauce. His plate looked much prettier than mine so he took a picture of it. I had mine without cilantro and I'm a little neurotic about my food and I like my salad in a bowl instead of on the plate with the rest of my meal. You can read more about our dinner over at The Pilot's blog.

And this made me smile the other night when The Pilot was getting ready to leave on a trip. His and hers lunch bags. Can you tell which one is mine??

Which brings me to my eating and step update. I won't bore you with all of the details of the weekend but I'll fess up to the small Diary Queen Waffle Crisp Blizzard. That is heaven in a paper cup if you ask me. We also ordered a pizza. I ate at least an orange, an apple and a banana over the weekend. Does that make up for the Blizzard and pizza? Probably not. I'll keep trying though!

I'm going to be eating pretty random through Saturday because of my schedule. I should have thought through each day a little more on Sunday night when I had the time and planned out each meal. Again, I'll keep trying!

I'm at 3,500 steps so far today. The night isn't over and my foot just fell asleep so I racked up 500 steps by pacing around the office trying to shake out the pins and needles. Not a great count but I know I'll make up for it tomorrow when I head back to our main office for the day.

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  1. A health/fitness AND (soon-to-be) pilot wife blog. Shut the front door. I'm so excited to follow your blog :)

    I really admire the time and energy you devote to Tesm in Training. That's quite a consuming activity.