Wednesday, May 11, 2011

That Evil Track Workout

My triathlon coach must hate us. Or he's trying to improve our speed. I'm not sure which. He's doing a 1/2 Ironman this weekend and a full Ironman in July. So he might be a masochist and he just really does hate us. Kidding....but I sure wish my abs and quads didn't still hurt.

This is what went down on Sunday afternoon (after I was full of Mother's Day cookout food):

1200 warm up (that's 3 laps around a track for the non-crazy people)
4 x 100
4 x 200
4 x 400
2 x 800

(there were 100 recovery runs in between each rep)

And here is some commentary on the above.

1200 warm up = Tough because I've only been running about one day a week right now.
4 x 100 = Hard but not sooo bad.
4 x 200 = My competitive streak forcing me to try to keep up with a team mate for one of the reps. Bad idea because I wanted to puke.
4 x 400 = Me hating the coach. And running. And tracks. And the world.
2 x 800 = Me wanting to cry and quit.

But I didn't cry. I didn't quit. And even more importantly, I didn't puke.

The Pilot tagged along to document the training. I had final decision over which photos were saved. I noticed a few things from the photos. I look just about as bad as I feel when I run. There are still some jiggly bits that hide my muscles so I still have lots of work to do. I also tend to be inflicted with a problem that Rose over at Eat, Drink and Be Meiri blogged about a couple weeks ago. Click on the link above because I won't repeat the problem since my mom and future in-laws read this blog. The future in-laws might wonder what on earth is wrong with the woman that their only son is about to marry. ;)

Hey, coach, you aren't supposed to beat us off the line every.single.time
to make us feel bad about ourselves.
Also, I got the memo to wear a blue shirt like the other ladies but I must have missed the part
about wearing tight capris!

Why am I smiling? This must have been early on in the workout...or I was delirious.

Yes, definitely delirious by this point.
I was about 100 meters from seeing Care Bears like Tom Hanks in
The Money Pit.

Thanks to The Pilot, we now have this glorious video to commemorate our team's first track workout....and me giving my sentiments on the whole thing at the end of the video.
I do have to point out that around :34 into this video, we were starting the 800 (2 laps around) so no one (except the coach of course) went bat out of hell off the line. It looks like I'm in slow motion...but really that's just my "long" distance pace. Wow.

OK, so I don't really hate the coach. And I don't hate running. But you could probably figure that out. And I'm sure the coach doesn't take it ya, David?? I do know that I got a crazy hard workout in and my abs (?!) and my legs are STILL feeling that workout. It's back in the pool tomorrow morning and I'm sure I will hate the coach and swimming tomorrow. See ya then!


  1. The only solution to our little problem that I've found is wearing tight pants. Which sucks.

    HAHAHHAH. sucks.

  2. Very cute post. Track workouts are a necessary evil, I'm afraid! I promise you, they do get easier. Well, maybe not easier... more tolerable.

  3. ohhh I want to try this workout soon! I guess that makes me one of the weirdos, story of my life. Can you tell me about pace? Were these all at your race pace?

  4. That was the fastest I've seen you run. You do have some sprinter mixed in with the walker... And I don't take it personally :)

  5. Future Mother-in-LawMay 12, 2011 at 7:53 AM

    Gee, I was hoping all females had that problem. I have it as well.

  6. I'm sure it would be painful at the time, but I like the idea of having a coach to push me! Nice work! To answer your question about the domain- it's just an option if you want to take blogspot out of your URL so that people can type in your blogname and go right to your blog. My old blog URL was littletower31.blogspot, which really didn't make sense since it's not the name of my blog, and I felt like people were constantly having to google search to find me.

  7. David's response it much more official than my response to her: run until you want to puke but then I told her my 400s and 800s were at 1/2 marathon pace...which is the same as my 5K pace...