Sunday, May 1, 2011

Saddle Time and A Port-A-Potty Update

It was a weekend full of time in the saddle! And my a$$ is feeling it.

My tri team had a group ride scheduled for Saturday afternoon. Knowing how slow I am and that not many of my teammates would be there, The Pilot tagged along to keep me company in the back. The first 8 miles were pretty enjoyable. Then we turned around....right into the wind. It also felt like it was uphill the entire way back. I kept falling further and further behind. Ugh. Finally, The Pilot realized how far back I was and pulled over to wait for me. True love, huh? To make it even more fun on the way back, I got a nasty cramp in my that lasted 5 miles. I really wanted to stop and stretch it out but I also really wanted to be done so I kept going. It was pretty slow, 16 miles in about 1:20 but that was the furthest I had been since last summer.

I was supposed to do a brick workout today (a ride immediately followed by a run) but due to time constraints and the cranky hip, we opted for just another ride. The Pilot and I headed out to the Rail Trail where I spent A LOT of time during my Goofy Challenge training. It's close to home, straight out and back and it's FLAT.

Before we got started though, I pumped up my tires and snapped the valve off the rear tire when I went to remove the air pump. Swell. Luckily it was holding air, I just didn't have a way to put more air in. So we headed out anyways and kept an eye on the tire. I'll have to replace the tube before I head out for another ride.

Yes, I was so thrilled that The Pilot captured me snapping the valve off my tire. And captured me wearing my Crocs. Yes, I am aware that they are ugly shoes but they are so versatile! I wear them to the pool and on my way to a ride before I change into my cycle shoes. I simply cannot be bothered with tying and untying shoes. :P
Like yesterday, it was a nice 6.25 mile ride out but when we turned around, it was right back into the wind. Boo. On our way out though, The Pilot decided to visit the world's cleanest port-a-potty. He provided an update for me. "It was last serviced on April 28 so it was pretty clean, but there is some weird mold growing on the ceiling." I wanted to ask why he looked at the ceiling but I decided against it. So while he was checking out the facilities, I was taking pictures of my feet and of The Pilot entering where it clearly says, Do Not Enter.
Our 12.5 mile ride took about an hour but that's also because The Pilot decided to check out the video feature on his new camera.

The weekend is coming to a close and my a$$ and my hips are sore. That's the sign of a good weekend, don't you think??

The bike rides plus the regular putzing around put my step count at 35,435 for the weekend!

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  1. Sounds like a great weekend! I love that you guys get to ride together! My husband hates biking. He's a great runner but won't step on the bike :( Sounds like you got some serious miles in. Way to go!