Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Are you OK? Are you OK? Someone go get help!

As a Team in Training coach, it is required that I am CPR certified. I'm pretty sure I would still take the course even if it wasn't required, especially after hearing some of the statistics. Your chances of surviving cardiac arrest, even if 911 response times in your area are top notch, are slim to none if there isn't someone doing CPR on you while you wait for EMS to get there. Only about 5% of the population knows CPR and less than 1/2 of those people are actually willing to perform CPR on someone if needed. That's pretty grim. I encourage EVERYONE to get certified. At the very least, check out this website to learn enough to potentially keep someone alive long enough for 911 to arrive. Stepping off my soap box now.

Anyways, my CPR certification was about to expire and I heard that there were new guidelines so some TNT buddies and I headed to class last night. We were re-certified in infant, child and adult CPR, abdominal thrusts (AKA the Heimlich maneuver) and how to use a AED.

We had to each grab a "face" to use for the evening because two people had to share one of the CPR training dummies. You used your own "face" for the evening so you wouldn't have to keep disinfecting the thing after each practice. There were entire bins filled with these things...it was a little creepy.

I swear that we were taking the course seriously and I feel confident that I could and would perform CPR if needed....but we couldn't help but get a little inappropriate with the infant dummies.

She takes after her father...

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  1. LOL, I was doing speedwork tonight and asked a few fellow runners if they knew CPR!!!!!