Thursday, June 2, 2011

Nom Nom

Despite The Great Cupcake Showdown yesterday, I did pretty well when I took a look at just the calories that I took in. I'm not keeping track of protein, fats or anything like that right now. I'm just looking at calories. Remember, I'm aiming for 1,759 calories per day in order to lose approximately 1 pound per week. While I do have some weight to lose, my short term goal is to make my wedding dress a little more comfortable. That's a legit goal, right?

So here's the good and the bad of yesterday:

7:15 am
Bagel with veggie cream cheese (380)
Small Pepsi (100)
Ugh. This is NOT the breakfast of champions. :(

12:30 pm
Peanut Butter & Jelly (Whole wheat/high protein bread, reduced fat PB, "just fruit"
jelly (350)
Carrots (30)
Cheese & Triscuits (170)
Medium Orange (75)

It was a very orange lunch.

7:30 pm
Leftover Japanese Pan Noodles with Organic Tofu from Noodles & Co. (435)
I actually ordered this on Tuesday evening. The Pilot was away and I can barely fend for myself in the kitchen so I picked this up on my way home from my workout. The Pilot ordered this the last time we went to Noodles & Co and it looked good. And it is good. Until you stop to take a drink or jump up from the couch to chase the cat who is trying to eat a plastic bag. Then all of the sudden your lips catch on fire. This thing has a kick to it. At least for me it does. I'm very sensitive to spicy food. I tried to eat more but it was just too much heat. I talked to The Pilot and told him I'd save the leftovers for him when he got home on Wednesday.

Well after my bike ride last night, I was really hungry. I know that 7 hours in between meals is not a good idea....) and again, I was on my own for dinner so I threw the leftovers in the microwave and scarfed down the rest of the bowl (sorry Pilot, no leftovers for you). And as soon as I stopped eating, my lips caught on fire. That's one way to cut down on calories, just eat things so spicy you don't want to finish the entire thing!

So back to the looks like I consumed about 1,540 calories for the day. Yeay! That's under my goal but with the exception of just waiting too darn long between lunch and dinner, I didn't really feel like I was deprived of anything. I just really need to make the time to put more thought into breakfast and some snack options for days when I go right from work to a workout.

I'm a work in progress obviously but keeping track of the calories has been a definite eye-opener. I don't think I'll keep tracking my calories for too long but I certainly think twice (or all day as in the case of the cupcakes) about what I eat...even if I completely cave and eat something absolutely ridiculous (Hello, I'm convinced Diary Queen Blizzards should be their own food group).

And by the way, I'm only at 730 calories for the day so far. This is MUCH better than my last swim day when I was at 1345 calories by the end of lunch. I've gotten some additional advice on how to deal with my post-swim munchies. More on that's back to work!

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  1. You are a stronger woman than i! Good job!