Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Great Cupcake Showdown

I'm an event planner so from time to time, sales people from the local hotels show up at our office to say hello. Sometimes they bring treats. I don't mind when they stop in (even if it interrupts my day) but I feel very torn when they drop off cookies or cupcakes. I have a hard time saying no to sweets. A VERY hard time. So this sales person showed up yesterday with cupcakes. I was about to get on a conference call though so I couldn't tell her to not leave any cupcakes.

She left six.

There were only two of us in the office yesterday and neither of us wanted the cupcakes (well I wanted the cupcakes, I just didn't need them.). Six cupcakes sat on a desk, within eye sight of my desk, for several hours. I was busy but kept looking up at them, trying to decide what to do with the darn things.

Finally, at 5 pm, I tried to convince my boss to take them. No such luck. I pawned two of them off on another tenant in our building. Two of them went into the trash (such a shame) and two went home with me. I made the 40 minute commute home with the two cupcakes sitting on the passenger seat. When I got stuck in traffic, I looked over at the cupcakes with longing in my heart. There was a devil on one shoulder saying "Just eat one! You are going on a bike ride when you get home and you have swim practice in the morning." The angel on the other shoulder was reminding me that I am getting married in less than two months and I want to lose some of my wobbly bits by then.

I got home, put the cupcakes in the fridge and headed out for a bike ride. It was a tough ride. I haven't spent nearly enough time on my bike this season. I got in just over 13 miles. I averaged about 10 mph (crappy, even for me) on the way out but then about 16 mph (good for me) on the way back. I hate wind. I was discouraged but I kept telling myself that it was good for me because wind creates similar conditions as hills (at least as far as my legs are concerned). The triathlon I'm training for has some crazy hills. I'm only doing the sprint distance this year but the bike course from last year's Olympic tri is still pretty fresh in my mind. During the last couple of miles though, I had almost convinced myself that I had earned a cupcake. Seriously? I don't think it works that way when you are trying to lose a couple pounds.

The Pilot came home last night from a 4-day trip and as we were falling asleep, I told him that he had to eat or throw away those cupcakes before I got home from work the next day. I don't think I have the will power to say no to the cupcakes for another day. Especially since today was a swim day and I'm always a hungry beast after I swim. If The Pilot has a heart, he will make sure those cupcakes aren't in the house when I get home. I just can't take the torture.

OK, maybe I took this a little too far by doctoring up the photo but in my head, this is what they looked like.

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