Thursday, September 29, 2011

Our Wedding Day: Getting Ready

I woke up around 6:15 am on wedding day….15 minutes before the alarm. I tried to doze off again but my stomach was full of butterflies. It also felt strange to wake up in my childhood bedroom at my parents; house. I'm glad I didn't fall out of the twin bed during the night! My matron of honor, Julie, was staying at my parents’ house also and she came in at 6:30 to make sure I was awake. We went downstairs and had a quiet breakfast together. She lives just outside of DC now so it was great to spend some time together…a little quiet before the chaos began!

We met the rest of the girls at the hair salon around 8 am to start getting our hair done. It was just us in the salon for quite awhile and it was nice to spend some quiet time with my girls. I felt completely calm and at ease, even as my stylist put my hair comb into place. I was starting to really look like a bride!
There was some time to kill before our make-up appointments so we carpooled back to my parents’ house to relax. My mom brought out the scrapbooks (my mom has documented just about every day of my life!) and we had fun looking back at all of the milestones my girls have shared with me.

We headed out to another salon to have our makeup done. The photographer and videographer met us there and started to document the day. It was a little strange having my own personal paparazzi and I think it would have been awkward had I not actually known them both. My videographer was a college friend and the photographer was a high school friend. I am so thankful that I was able to surround myself with wonderful friends and family on wedding morning because I think that just added to the calmness that I was feeling.

After the makeup, we all headed back to my parents’ house and had lunch. Being the event planner that I am, I had taken lunch orders in advance and my dad and Julie’s husband picked everything up for us. More time spent relaxing with my besties!

The photographer arrived at the house to take pictures of my gown before I put it on. I had some advice from a few friends to make sure I had a pretty hanger to hang the dress up with because the photographer would want to take a picture while the dress was still hanging up. I developed a slight addiction to during the wedding planning process and found this great “bride” hanger. Normally I can talk myself out of frivolous purchases like that but when else other than your wedding day can you be a little over the top?

Before I knew it, it was time to put on my dress! I climbed into my dress and the funny thing is, I don’t remember ever looking at myself in the mirror. There was so much commotion in the room with all of the other girls and the photographer moving around, capturing it all. I do know that I had one of my bridesmaids tie the sash on the back of my dress and I had the photographer take a picture so I could see up close what the knot on the sash looked like. I was adamant that I didn’t want a bow on my a$$ so my friend tied a knot like you’d see on a men’s tie.

All of the girls and the photographer went downstairs so I could make a “grand entrance” on the staircase to show my dad for the first time. Again, there was a lot of commotion while I came down the stairs and it was a little bit of a blur but I do remember my dad looking a little stunned but he did say I looked beautiful.

We were in the middle of a crazy heat wave and heat, sun and I just do not mix so I opted to cut back on some of the outdoor photos. It had stormed the night before and the humidity really kicked in. My photographer scoped out a place in my parents’ backyard that was shaded and we wouldn’t have to walk far through the wet grass. We took some group shots with me and my bridesmaids and some with my parents.

A few miles away, back at our house, The Pilot was also getting ready. The Pilot’s “best man” was actually his good friend Sarah. In the programs we officially called her the honor attendant but we we lovingly referred to her as the “matron of awesome.” After getting hair and make up done with me and my girls, she picked up some sushi to take to The Pilot. I think they enjoyed lunch in the peace and quiet with the kitties before it was time to get dressed and head to the church.

Sarah helping The Pilot with his tie.

Feeding the kitties before heading to the church.

Next we were off to the church. Julie helped stuff me and my dress into my mom’s car and off we went. Once we arrived, Julie ran inside to make sure The Pilot wasn’t standing around as I made my way to the bridal room at the church.

To be continued....


  1. GORGEOUS! I love the pictures!

  2. What a beautiful day. Weddings are just so magical. I love all the bright pinks in the bridesmaids dresses. You look beautiful as well!!