Thursday, September 1, 2011


Tuesday's 4-miler was just one of those trainings that wasn't horrible but it didn't go the great either. I wanted to run 4. I walked just over a 1/4 mile to warm up but as soon as I started to run, I felt Sunday's 10 miler. My ankles were sore and then out of no where, shin splints. Damn! I'm convinced shin splits are one of the most annoying ailments. At least for me...because they randomly show up and while I know they usually go away after the 2nd or 3rd mile, it feels like it won't end and I want to quit!

I didn't run very far before I needed a walk break. One of our rock star walkers, Kim, caught up to me. We walked and talked for awhile and my shins finally started to calm down. I decided to run again and see if I could make it the entire way back. And I did! My legs finally warmed up and cooperated. I finished in about 55 minutes which surprised me give that I had walked as much as I did. Normally it takes me right around 60 minutes to walk 4 miles. Even though it wasn't the best workout, there was still progress!

The best part of the workout was right as I was in the last 1/4 mile. I hear a squeaky "on your left." I waved my hand to let the cylcist know that I heard them and I was then passed by a 7-year old on a road bike! I'm just guessing on the age but that's what he looked like as he went by. And a few minutes later, another squeaky but somewhat deeper "on your left." I said thank you and waved my hand and was passed by a 10-year-old on a road bike! The old boy turned and asked for directions to someone behind me. I was about to make my turn so I glanced over my shoulder to make sure it was safe to make a left turn off the path and I saw IronParents. They were unmistakably triathletes. There was a super fit and tiny IronMom and a tall, thin IronDad, both wearing tri gear. The family that trains together, stays together!

What I enjoyed most about seeing this family was the fact that those two small boys already know multi-use trail etiquette! They signaled that they were approaching and passed at a safe speed and distance.

It sure beats the a-hole cyclists that Kim and I encountered a couple weeks ago on the same path. It was a busy night with a lot of traffic out on the trail (runners/walkers/cyclists/roller bladers). Kim and I were walking side by side at about a 14 minute mile (certainly not strolling along casually) when a cyclist approached. There was no friendly "on your left" or bell like every other cyclist had used that night. Instead we were greeted with the man screaming and just as he got around us, he yelled back, "f*ing walkers." I've spend HOURS and HOURS on that trail over the past 7 years and I have never encountered something like that out there. I was actually stunned.

Here's my beef. It's a multi-use trail. Get over it! If you are that serious of a cyclist, get on the road. There is a 15 mph speed limit on the trail anyways. Another thing, pedestrians have the right of way and cyclists must yield. I'm a cyclist and I know full well that that trail is very challenging to navigate on an evening with perfect weather. It just gets busy! Knowing this, I either don't go there or I just accept it for what it is and have a casual ride. I do understand the frustration when there are casual walkers/strollers that are out there 3-5 across or on the wrong side of the path or stopped in the middle. While frustrating, all you need to do is yell out an "excuse me" or "approaching" and if necessary, prepare for some evasive maneuvers. No need for obscenities....especially when the other party IS following the rules.

OK, I'm done. I'll focus on PROGRESS and that there are at least 2 cyclists that have some etiquette....those 2 little boys that are growing up with manners and an active lifestyle. I hope they don't turn into old, bitter cyclists some day!!

At a monument near where our team meets on Sundays....
I think I might have to start taking pictures of the different sayings each week
because there are so many applicable quotes for training!

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